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    Weather Effects Dota 2 Bundle

    $25.00 $30.00
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    Get all 9 weather effects in this weather effects bundle.

    Weather Effects are cosmetic items that can be equipped to change the weather of the Dota 2 map. Equip any weather effect you want depending on your mood by getting the entire collection from this bundle.

    Here's the complete list of weather effects you will get from this bundle:
    • Genuine Weather Harvest
    • Genuine Weather Snow
    • Genuine Weather Moonbeam
    • Genuine Weather Ash
    • Genuine Weather Sirocco
    • Genuine Weather Pestilence
    • Genuine Weather Spring
    • Genuine Weather Aurora
    • Genuine Weather Rain
    Restocked - 4-12-2022
    Restocked - 4-19-2022
    Restocked - 4-20-2022
    Restocked - 5-5-2022
    Restocked - 5-11-2022

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