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Important: 30 days gifting cooldown applies. See FAQ

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Announcement 11-27-2022: Recently, we've been receiving a lot of requests to sell diretide 2022 collector's cache sets in our platform and we are really flattered. However, we still have plenty of stocks from this treasure so we can't accept more at the moment. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Do you have extra dota 2 collector's cache sets from previous dota 2 internationals you'd like to dispose of but doesn't know how to or where?

Worry no more! We can help you with that. Due to increasing order volumes, we are running out of stock for these older collector's cache sets very quickly. Hence, we are in constant search for providers who can resupply these sought after collector's cache sets.

By partnering with us. You won't have to go through the hassle of finding buyers and making sure you get paid. We take care of all that. Period!



  • Start by providing us with your information
    - Full Name
    - Your email address
    - Steam friend code (so we can check your inventory, make sure it's set to public. You can find your friend code under steam Friends tab >> Add Friend >> Your Friend Code)
    - List of items you'd like to sell e.g. Mirana ti10 cache set, Ember Spirit Cinder Sensei, etc...

    and send it to: support [at] (just change [at] to @)

  • Once you've given us your information, we will check what you have and give you a price quotation for your sets.
  • If you agree with our offer, we will then start listing, adding your sets in stock on our website.
  • If someone buys your set, we will then inform you to add the customer to kick off the 30 days gifting restriction.
  • Once the 30 days gifting cooldown is complete, we will then ask you to deliver the set(s) ordered, ingame.
  • After we confirmed that the set(s) have been delivered. We will then send your payment. This process is setup to ensure that our customers gets what they paid for, creating a win-win situation for all parties.

We are interested in all ti5, ti6, ti7 and ti8 collector's cache sets but here are some of the most popular sets we are very interested in.

  • Knight of the Burning Scale - Dragon Knight ti5 collector's cache set
  • Fires of Vashundol - Doom ti5 collector's cache set
  • Creeping Shadow - Phantom Assassin ti6 collector's cache set
  • Stormwrought Arbiter - Sven ti6 collector's cache set
  • Diabolical Fiend - Shadow Fiend ti6 collector's cache set
  • Wartorn Heavens - Zeus ti6 collector's cache set
  • Fortified Fabricator - Tinker ti6 collector's cache set
  • Fractured Envoy - Arc Warden ti6 collector's cache set
  • Sovereign of the Kray Legions - Sandking ti7 collector's cache set
  • Manta Marauder - Batrider ti7 collector's cache set
  • Submerged Hazard - Tinker ti7 collector's cache set
  • Meranth Dragoon - Sven ti7 collector's cache set
  • Jolly Reaver - Pudge ti7 collector's cache set


Reasonable Prices

Every business aims for profit but we keep it as reasonable as possible.

Our pricing is weighed based on the popularity of the item (supply and demand) and of course security, so you can be rest assured that you're getting the best deal from us.

101% Trusted Seller

We have been in the cache trading business since 2016 and our website has been around for more than 2 years now so you can be assured that we know our craft.

You may rest confident that you are safe with us because we believe reputation is king, and throughout the years, we've built a solid reputation across all of our platforms.

Guaranteed Delivery

Per Valve's gifting policy. For first time customers, we need to be friends on Steam for at least 30 days, before we can gift your purchased item in-game.

We guarantee that you'll receive the set(s) you purchased, after the 30 days threshold has been completed.

Flexible Checkout

One of our main goals is to make it easier for you to make a purchase.

For customers abroad, you may pay using your debit/credit card through Paypal express checkout and for our local customers, you may pay using gcash or paymaya.