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The Diretide 2022 Battlepass Level Bundle Sale

The Diretide 2022 Battlepass Level Bundle Sale
Worried that you might not reach enough bp levels on time to unlock Faceless Void Arcana? Santa Gaben says relax and have fun.

The diretide 2022 battle level bundle is now up for you to reach your Dota 2 battlepass goals. With this Diretide 2022 Battlepass Level Bundle, you will get 120 Battle Levels, 9x Immortal Treasure I, 6x Immortal Treasure II, 6x Ageless Heirlooms Treasures, and 6x Battle Pass Collection Treasures.

The final month of the Battle Pass season is always a big time for rewards, and this bundle is perfect for pushing further into your rewards line!

UNCONFIRMED: With the extension of the battlepass until January 12th next year. A second diretide 2022 collector's cache treasure may be on its way.

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